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You will receive an additional 1 year extended warranty upon registration in the form.

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1. How long is the warranty for my NEL product?

At NEL we provide a full 2 year (+1 year extended warranty upon registration) warranty on all of our manufactured coils. This warranty starts from the date of purchase by the customer. This is applicable worldwide. This warranty covers any manufacturing errors like cracks in plastics or performance issues like no response which are from manufacturing faults – usually these are noticeable within the first few hours of use. The warranty does not cover normal use or misuse of the product.

For a coil to continue to perform well it must be treated with care and not be used in a way that will jar or incur any sudden impact. This sudden impact may result in developing a noisy product. NEL, at its sole discretion, will determine the nature of the returned item and decide whether it is a warranty issue. Each individual case will be reviewed on its own merits and the more information you can provide the easier it will be for us to make a quick decision.

2. Is the warranty transferable?

No, the warranty is only applicable for the original owner. For out of warranty coils there is a service fee for more information please contact your nearest dealer.

3. What do I do to claim warranty?

When wanting to claim warranty within Ukraine, you can either return it to your place of purchase or send it direct to NEL, Str. Klochkovskaya 192а, ap.327 Kharkov, Ukraine, 61145. It is essential you include your proof of purchase docket and a short note informing us of the problem which has occurred. Also include your return address and phone number as we may need to contact you regarding the product.

If you have purchased a product outside of Ukraine you must return it with your proof of purchase to your local dealer who will handle the warranty claims. Ensure you include your return address and phone number whenever returning a product.