Search coils NEL



Question: I bought a coil, the coil included in a house in the city or near the city, it continuously emits signals!

Answer:  Coils NEL - compared with the standard coils, has a high sensitivity, so if you are near power lines or cell towers, near gas pipes, at maximum sensitivity can be phantom signals. Reduce the sensitivity. In the absence interference coil operates at maximum sensitivity.

Question: My detector is set to maximum sensitivity, while I get false signals.


  • You must necessarily secure the cable to the rod by means of an adhesive tape or velcro (this is done to avoid interference from the vibration of the cable), leave to stock of cable, in order not to break it when searching or transporting.

  • Often, when the mobile phone loses the network, it gives a signal to the coil. If the network is unstable, turn off the mobile phone!
  • Check shoes for metal items, search coil reacts to such items when you are on the move! Also search coil will react to metal shovel
  • In cold weather or hot weather, the first few minutes - could be false signals until the coil is not cooled/heated to ambient temperature.
  • Clean the (acetone or alcohol) connector on the metal detector and coil. With a needle popravte contacts at connector coil, if there is such a need.
  • Use the battery at least 25 percent of a full charge!
  • Charge your the rechargeable battery through intelligent charger: La Crosse RS700. Otherwise NEL does not guarantee the stability and range of coils NEL.