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Treasure of silver coins of the USSR and the Russian Empire

The treasure of silver coins of the Russian Empire and the USSR, the total weight of more than 2 kg (70,5 oz), found in Ukraine with metal detector Garrett Aсe and NEL Tornado coil.
: Ukraine

Metal detector: Garrett Ace (2x)
Search coil: NEL Tornado (2x)


A Gold Ring Fragment

A Gold Ring Fragment (IX-XI Century) found with a Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector and the NEL Storm coil.

Metal Detector: Minelab X-Terra 705
Search coil: NEL Storm


Silver coins of Sigismund III

527 silver coins of Sigismund III found with a Teknetics Eurotek Pro metal detector and the NEL Hunter coil.
: Ukraine
Metal Detector: Teknetics Eurotek Pro
Search coil: NEL Hunter


Maximianus I Herculius AV Aureus

Maximianus I Herculius AV Aureus. Cyzicus mint, 290/1 AD. 
MAXIMIANVS AVGVSTVS, laureate head right / CONSVL III PP PROCOS, Maximian as Consul, standing left, holding globe.

Location: Ukraine
Metal Detector: Minelab Safari
Search coilNEL Storm

10 rubles 1902

Coin 10 rubles 1902, found with Fisher F2 and NEL Tornado.
Metal: Gold 900
Weight: 8.60 grams, 0.303 oz
Diameter: 22.5 mm
Depth: ≈ 9"
VDI: 48-61


Metal Detector: Fisher F2
Search coil: NEL Tornado


660 coins

660 coins at great depth.
Found with Fisher F2 and NEL Tornado coil.
Location: Ukraine
Metal Detector: Fisher F2
Search coil: NEL Tornado

"The Accuracy of Snake"

With a Garrett Ace 250 metal detector and small coil NEL Snake managed to find 5 rubles on the field.
Location: Ukraine

Metal Detector: Garrett Ace 250
Search coil: NEL Snake

Imitation of Roman Aureus

Imitation of Roman Coin. Gold 6,5 gramm (0.229 oz).
Found with X-Terra 705 and NEL Tornado (18,75 kHz)
Location: Ukraine
Metal Detector: X-Terra 705 
Search coil: NEL Tornado 18,75 kHz