Search coils NEL

Gold Roman Coin in Mint Condition

Gold Roman Coin in Mint Condition, found by Harry M. from the U.K. with his AT Pro and NEL Tornado.
: United Kingdom

Metal detector: Garrett AT Pro
Search coil: NEL Tornado

Harry’s story: After a week of no metal detecting I had a sudden feeling that I needed to get out. I had been at work all day but something told me just go to the field for a hour, so I dusted off my Garrett AT Pro and headed out. The hunt started out as normal. I found a button and then a found a small crusty bronze Roman coin. I carried on detecting away when I got a tone reading in the high 70s.

So I dug and out popped a gold disk covered in mud. My first thought was the dreaded bottle top or something similar but when I picked it up it had some weight to it. I saw through the mud lettering and I immediately dropped it and freaked out. I pulled out my phone to film for my YouTube channel and so I wiped the mud off, and in front of me was the most beautiful mint condition gold Roman coin.

This is my first gold find and for it to be a Roman coin is truly amazing.

Video by iDetect YouTube Channel