Search coils NEL

Treasure Dimes (16.03.2013)

Treasure Dimes, Catherine the Great - the beginning of the season 2013.

Metal Detector: Garrett Ace 250
Search coil: NEL Tornado
Price of find: : 2000$ (Valuation)

Sample image Sample image  

Story of searcher:

"Today I have my wife and children went to the forest of flowers. Of course, I took a metal detector. We arrived in the forest that I checked earlier. My wife and children began to gather flowers, and I began searching for is not far from them. Half an hour is useless I was looking for, I did not find anything except trash. We started to go home, but my metal detector beeps and I found a silver cross. Not far from this place my metal detector again signaled its full and I started to dig and suddenly one by one began appearing coins, called his wife and children have been together to extract coins"