Search coils NEL

Medieval treasure (09.03.2013)

Medieval treasure of the 16th century.

Metal Detector: Minelab X Terra 705
Search coil: NEL Storm 3 kHz
Price of find: : 4000$ (Valuation)

Sample image Sample image  
Sample image Sample image  

Story of searcher:

"At night it snowed and the temperature dropped. In the morning, we decided that we will go to the nearby forest, which has repeatedly examined searchers. We went deep into the forest, but found nothing. On the way back, we lost hope finds. At the head of one, would rather get to the car. Suddenly my metal detector emit a tone. I am removing the snow and started digging, Suddenly I felt a blow to shovel some object. We thought that this object explosive, but it turned out that this is a real treasure."