Search coils NEL

Polish coins (22.04.2013)

Treasure, Polish coins of the 16th century.

Metal Detector: Garrett Ace 250
Search coil: NEL Tornado
Price of find: 20000$ (Valuation)

Sample image Sample image Sample image

Story of searcher:

"... This was another search. The time especially long time stretches when nothing happens. For three hours I did not use a shovel. At one point I even thought that my metal detector is faulty. Occurrences was not even any foil or caps. It was a very strange forest. And suddenly the long-awaited clear signal, I thought it was a coin of the USSR. Instantly, I began to dig and saw that at the bottom of the pit there was some hole ... Half of the "object" was cleared. Another couple of seconds and hands trembling with excitement, from thinking that this great find."