Search coils NEL

Treasure of silver rubles (30.01.2014)

Top. Treasure of silver rubles, Emperor Paul I.

Location: A central region of Russia
Metal Detector: Garrett Ace 250
Search coil: NEL Tornado
Price of find: : 50000$ (Valuation)

Sample image Sample image  
Sample image Sample image  

Story of searcher:

Came to see me, my friend. He invited me to explore the place where we were in the autumn of 2012. I thought, barely awake, and while I thought we were 200 miles away from my bed. We have begun to explore. The first finding was a coin 1729 (in excellent condition). An hour later we found "denga" and "polushka" in large quantities. I still pulled to the side ... Future findings you can see in the photo