Search coils NEL

Islamic Coins (20.03.2014)

Two Islamic Coins. Muhammad III (1003-1012h).

Metal Detector 1: Garrett Ace 250
Search coil: NEL Tornado
Metal Detector 2: Minelab Explorer
Search coil: NEL Storm

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Story of searcher:

On the penultimate exit, in the evening my friend told me, "We find gold bracelets, rings and earrings. But the coins? Why do we never found gold coins? He said it just like that, with fatigue and a little frustration from not successful searches, it was pure emotion. I do not hesitate to say: "I promise that the next time we find. Talk about anything, exchange of emotions at the end of the day, it happens at all.
Came Saturday. In the morning we go on, explored previously, the place of the German bunkers and could anything else, earlier explored here was found badge and a pair of copper coins. We wandered lazily on the young forest, we talking and boasting the number of caps. And suddenly find. I was trembling voice, comrade picked up his find - we do not believe their eyes. Then we cheerfully dug the surrounding land, and yet my friend was lucky again, he got the same coin. We were lucky to get into this thousandth percent for the first time, I hope will be many more such finds. "