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Viking Silver (26.09.2014)

Viking Silver Hoard discovered by Justin B. and Daniel B. from Cumbria

Justin and Daniel, who call themselves "The Garrett Lads" have recently made the cover of the October 2014 UK publication "Searcher" with their tremendous "Viking Hack Silver" story. The magazine highlights new photos that caught my eye and pulled me into their successful discovery. Their story was submitted to Garrett, and here is the entry

"This year, the day before Justin's vacation, they stumbled across a hoard of national importance due to its size and rarity. They discovered the hiding place of almost 1kg of Viking silver. The hoard is made up of solid silver ingots and pieces of bracelets, some of which have been identified as possible Russian silver dated approximately 900AD. Daniel found the first ingot with his Euro Ace, which measured over 2 inches in length and weighed 51g. As he was inspecting the find, Justin used his AT Pro to detect a signal about 1 foot away. Set in pro mode with zero discrimination, the signal indicated 80-82 at around 6-8 inches. Justin uncovered the soil to discover a silver ingot that measured almost 4 inches in length and 1 inch wide. Its weight was a staggering 128g. This single ingot is one of the largest to be found in the UK. Altogether, Justin and Daniel uncovered 19 pieces of silver with a weight of almost 1kg and signified somebody of significant wealth and importance. The ingots had been buried together in a shallow hole with an aim to be recovered but for some reason the owner failed to return for them. The find is now in the hands of their FLO (Finds Liaison Officer) who has started the identification and treasure process. Hopefully this is just the beginning of 'The Garrett Lads' Viking finds as they continue in their quest to rewrite history books in the UK."

It was published on Garrett Metal Detectors