Search coils NEL

Obol Dolphin (13.12.2014)

Obol Dolphin, Olbia, 6th century BC. 

Location: Ukraine
Metal Detector: Garrett Ace 250
Search coil: NEL Tornado
Price of find: 6200$ (Sold)

Sample image Sample image Sample image

Story of searcher,  who wished to remain incognito:

Was a typical November day. Me and my friend decided to close the season search. It was very cold. We took our motorbike and rode but through 30-40 km stopped, because the trip was to is cold day. We took our metal detectors began searching for a plowed field. At this field, many people with metal detectors were earlier, because the field was after them like the surface of the moon, it was all in the pits. My friend search the place across the remains of ceramics, but I decided to go deeper into the field, was not the ceramics. About two hours I was searching in a chaotic manner. All this time, I did not find anything except iron and aluminum wire. After some time, the detector showed weak signal in the bronze.. I dug a hole depth of 40 centimeters and the signal became louder. After I dug about 15 centimeters, the signal disappeared in the pit. I began to explore the land and saw that is - a dolphin. I could not believe that this coin is so expensive.