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NEL Super Fly for Minelab Explorer/E-Trac/СЕ/ХS 2/Safari

The NEL Super Fly coil is NEL's latest development based on more than 10 years experience of search coils manufacturing. The coil is designed based on the wishes of the searchers. Like the best-selling NEL Tornado, the new NEL Super Fly coil is "golden mean" in the range of search characteristics of metal detector coils: depth, separation of metals, sensitivity to large and sensitivity to small targets.
The NEL Super Fly coil has the lightest weight, optimal size, which makes the coil versatile and convenient for use in all search conditions when detecting various targets weighing less than 1 gram until large targets weighing more than 10 kg, at a depth not reachable for any standard coil. Moreover, this coil is lighter than any standard coil, which makes it possible to search all day without fatigue! It is worth noting that the Super Fly coil is equipped with a new, improved coil cover. The cover has special lateral thickenings, for greater wear resistance.
The NEL Super Fly coil is recommended as a replacement for a standard coil.

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